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Amber Rose Super Low Buzz Cut 

This service is for a LOW haircut (i.e. Amber Rose Style Buzz Cut ) for a woman and can include a single straight line part. Any additional parts add on to the price lining of facial hair. 


Ladies Premier Cut/Sponge Curl

This  includes Fades, Mohawks, Parts/Designs.


For an undercut and design. Please have a design in mind and have hair parted to help prevent delays.

Ladies "Big Chop"

This service is for women who wish to transition from long hair (5in or more) or locs to short styled. 

Cut + Color (beside big chop)

Choose any of the women cuts and the color you desire.. if this service is selected, you will be contacted for a consultation.

Cut + High-lift Colors

This service is for all high-lift hair colors including but not limited to (platinum blonde, gray, rose color reds etc). If this service has been booked you will be contacted for consultation.


This service is for in-person consultation for hair dye, big chop etc. Please book consultation at least two days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Consultation ( By Phone)

Preferably for out-of-state clients. This service is for consultation for color, big chop, or special concerns (i.e. loss of hair, thinning etc).

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